Hebrew Final Project

In Hebrew as our final project of the year we had to create a slideshow, we chose 5 places we learned about this year. We had to write about those places (information) and we created games about it. I think it was very fun and I am sharing my project here!

Math Coding

During math we were learning about currency! Mrs.Cleveland had a great idea to make this unit fun! We made a code. We were coding an “IPhone”, what it does is you will choose a place from the options (everything converts into CAD). Next step is you would be putting in an amount, it can be as much as you would like! You hit enter then BOOM! thats when the coding happens! You will then see the amount you converted into CAD! I will now put a link down bellow so you can go check it out!


Here is an image of what the “code” will look like!

Here is another photo to what some part of the code looks like!

If you have any questions about the code comment down bellow!

Hebrew Story

In Hebrew we were assigned a graphic novel. We were assigned to create a story throughout the four photos. It’s all about a dog! I inserted them into a slide show! Here is my work!

Hebrew Jokes

In Hebrew we were assigned 4 slide shows and we needed to add the speech bubbles to them. I created the slide show and I am posting it on my blog. Here it is.


בכיתה שלנו לעברית מורה רותי נתנה לנו 3 תמונות לבחירה. היינו צריכים לבחור אחת ולכתוב עליה. אני בחרתי בתמונה הזאת. אני מתארת את מה שאני חושבת על התמונה. 

In our Hebrew class Morah Ruthie gave us three options to write about. I chose this photo down below. I described what was happening in the photo.

בתמונה יש 5 חיילים ויש חייל אחד עם מדים עם דם. החייל הזה נהרג והחיילים מאחור זה הוא עצמו שמבקש לא לבכות לבכות עליו. הוא גם מבקש סליחה על מה שהוא עשה והוא מנסה לדבר אל החיילים שלא נהרגו.

In the photo there are five soldiers and there is one soldier who is a different colour with blood. The soldier was killed and in the background you can see the exact soldier asking not to cry for him. He is asking for forgiveness for things he has done, and trying to communicate to soldiers who are still alive. 




Pendent notre temps libre durant la classe de francias, nous avonse cree un menu de restaurant, J’ai nomme mon restaurant Picasso. Mon restaurant est italian. Il y a 4 sections sur mon menu. Voici mon menu.


En fraincais nous avons appris differents types d’objets. Nous devions chosir une peice et nommer tous les objets. J’ai chois le bureau. Voici mon “Slide Show”.

Ma Ville Francais

In french class we were learning about directions. Since we were learning about this we were assigned to create a map and use our vocabulary we learned. We had things we needed to include on our map. I included 6 landmarks, they were Maisons, Petit lac, L’ecole, Station essence, caserne de pompier, le parc et montagnes. We also had to include 4 different street names, mine were, rue fleur, rue nature, rue melodie, et rue argent. Last thing we needed to include was the directions! We made slideshows about them, so here is mine!

Dans notre classe de francais nous avons appris les directions. Nous avons cree un “Slide Show” and il fallait faire une carte donner les directions. Voice mon travail.

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