We learned all about Leaves!

In science we learned all about identifying different leaves from trees.



  1. Your Turn! Use the classification charts to identify

these 3 leaves.


  1. Larch
  2. Maple
  3. Ash


  1. In your own words, describe the difference between a

deciduous and coniferous tree.


The difference is that coniferous trees have needles or scale leaves and they don’t fall off in Autumn, they don’t change colours. Deciduous trees have larger leaves and they do change colours. They also fall off during Autumn.


  1.  Find 1 or 2 samples of trees from your backyard or close to your house (be safe, and ask parents before leaving your house!). Take a picture of the leaf without pulling the leaves off the branches and then identify the unknown samples. Include the picture of the leaf and identified tree type beside it.


This is a black or white oak

This is a poplar or a birch.

That is an assignment we had to do. I hope you learned some stuff.

Grade 6, Social Studies

Quarantine is a Pain in the Butt.

For journal #4 we were supposed to write about what project we are working on. I chose to do a song about this topic. Now I can’t sing so here is a lyrics to it. It is a parody to Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande.

During Quarantine



Don’t Need no covid, I’m in the house, with my family. It’s my duty, to keep us safe, we’re all so bored, we don’t need no school, I got my mom to teach me, I’m locked in my house, completely safe, my windows closed.


All that we gotta do is work on some projects. Something bout this makes me work on a lot of projects something bout something bout something bout this, Something bout this makes me work on a lot of projects something bout something bout something bout 


I’ve been working on my Bat mitzvah, doing the haftorah, getting all the notes, reading some more books, gotta feed my brain,I wanna stay fit, doing my dance class, getting stronger everyday Cuz I’m so busy got nothin left to do I’m working on some projects 


All that we gotta do is work on some projects. Something bout this makes me work on a lot of projects something bout something bout something bout this, Something bout this makes me work on a lot of projects something bout something bout something bout this

Those are the lyrics and here is the song:

They match up exactly as the other words do. Try it out




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Tell Me Three Things by:Julie Buxbaum

Tell me Three Thing by:Julie Buxbaum   

        In La we did a book project and I chose to read Tell Me Three Things. What we had to do was read the book and do an artifact-(assignment about the book.)I chose to do a website of me pretending to be one of the characters. I chose this artifact because my characters have a lot of personality. It is different for each and every person. I chose Jessie because she relates the most to me and It would be the easiest character for me to do. The story is vey well written it was hard what not to choose and what to choose. There is so much detail as well, I had to cut out a lot of the whole story. I chose certain elements for certain reasons. I chose the most important things, I ended up narrowing it down to 4 topics. I made a cliff hanger at the end of each section so you would want to read the next page. I chose the sections because they felt the most important to me. They each had the most important details that needed to be in it or else you would not understand the story at all. If I was going through this process again I would probably spend more time on the artifact. I took so much time reading I had barley any time to do the artifact. It was a little rushed. The website I chose was Wix, this was not the best choice. I would have rather use another website.If you want to see my website.

Here is the link:

That is my website. Hope you liked it. I would give the book 8/10 stars. If your seeing this right as I post it I just published dit 5 minutes ago.


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Earth Day

Journal #3-Earth day, for journal number 3 we have to choose two out of ten ideas besides 5,6.I chose number 3 and a cool idea by a class mate which is make a art project with recycled items. I have decided to share my project by a video.


Since the video is long I will tell what I did. In the video I made a tree out of egg crates (recycled iteam). It was very fun but still pretty easy so everyone can do it. Here is a picture.

For the one hour no power it was pretty easy or so I thought it would be. I worked on a couple projects and read, then I got bored so I made some slime, cleaned my room, ate, did dances went insane and showed you some tricks. It was hard and my mom moved the camera from the office to my room.

That is how I celebrated earth day for Social Studies.


Grade 6, Social Studies, Writing

Lunches In Need

          In Social Studies we are doing journal projects. This week we had to go to Time (the website) and choose an article ( that is doing an act of kindness) to write about. I decided to write about an article of people handing out breakfast and lunches to kids in need.  Here is what I wrote about this article.


Lunches in Need


                 #1 Rural school district of Estacada has given over 1,700 students lunches everyday. They were saying that there are a lot of families who don’t have enough gas money to actually give their kids a nutrition meal that will fill them up. They decided to take over this huge project and started to bring the families lunches. They would have 35 to 40 staff members who prepare 750 breakfast and lunches a day. Kids have been happy to see the school bus roll up to their houses. They say it comforts them. One of the moms said this has been a really tough time for them, but to see her kids smile when they know they’ve been remembered has really touched her heart. When I read that part in the passage my heart sunk, and I realized we are really fortunate to pay for our own meals. There not only school doing this, there are programs around the U.S bringing school lunches to children.  


            #2 I really love this article. It is a really touching article to me personally because my mom used to teach kids who needed help in learning. Those students’ parents could not afford breakfast/lunch. So the school serves breakfast/lunch for those kids. Me just imagining them not getting food really wants me to help them out. It is even already hard for them just to learn. It makes me feel spoiled. Like I am taking things for granted and not thinking for others. It really breaks my heart. 

          #3 Silver linings – Positive outcomes during negative times. Right now coronavirus is a negative time. But we want to think on the bright side. What are things that you enjoy staying at home with your family? I enjoy playing a lot of games with my family. It is a great bonding time with your family, siblings, etc… How are you being kind/helpful with anyone? I am helping with chores in my family. My mom loves being neat and tidy. She has a lot of chores to do and is still working from 9:00 all the way to 5:00, no breaks. That is a lot to do. So my sister and I help out with some of the chores. It’s a great way to show appreciation to your parents.  

That is how I feel about this article. If you want to see the article yourself. Check out the website!!!!!



My Exam Experience

In February 2020 I wrote my first exam. It was on math! Yay my favourite subject! If you want to read all about my experience keep reading!

What was on the exam? There was Patterns, Pattern rules, y=mx+b, Rounding numbers, Re-naming numbers, Mean-Median-Mode-Range, Table of values, Problem solving, Graphs-Stem and leaf plot-Line graph-Histogram, Converting units, Algebraic expressions. Wow that is a lot of stuff to memorize. Well what was I provided to study?  On Mrs.Cleavland’s blog she posted papers we could print and use them. She posted old explain everything videos, she also assigned us knowledge hook for us to do.  Finally I was provided with a little mock exam. On the mock exam was what would be on the real exam but just for practise. How did I study? When I got all my marks back on the mock exam I corrected the wrong answers to learn from my mistakes. I had my mom give me some examples to help me practise. Hoe did I feel about my fist exam? I was very nervous because schools don’t have grade six take exams. We only had one exam but that still got me scared. I have heard good news that OJCS really does over prepare you for high school, that took away over halve of the stress. Here are some pictures of me taking my exam.



My Genius Hour Project

Dance Wear


For my genius hour project I am making an evirmental safe leotard. It is going to be made out of hemp fabric. I had to learn how to sew.

Here are the videos I watched to learn how to sew.




The steps of how I learned how to sew

Video one

  1. Get needle and thread
  2. Put thread through the eye of the needle and pull through
  3. Take the two loose ends and tie a double knot
  4. Start by piercing through one piece of fabric
  5. Then cut the acces 
  6. Then keep going in and out throughout the whole piece you have
  7. To finish it off make another double knot


Video two


  1. Lick the end of the thread
  2. Put the needle around the needle
  3. Pull the string up 
  4. Put the loop through the eye
  5. Pull through 
  6. Giving it a little giggle can help


Video Three


  1. Get thread
  2. Get needle
  3. Cut your thread about 20 inches
  4. Fold in half
  5. Dampen the end of the thread
  6. Put through the eye of the needle
  7. Put the needle through the fabric
  8. Go through the loop
  9.  Pull tight
  10. Go back down
  11. Pull through
  12. Keep going
  13. Go up and down the back and forth 
  14. Don’t let the tail get caught
  15. Make a little stitch 
  16. Then make a double knot

It is scientific because the hemp leaves are not comfortable because they are bumpy and rough and that causes friction. Friction is surface resistance to relative motion, as of a body sliding or rolling. The rubbing of the surface of one body against that of another.


That is all my research on how to sew! Know here is my research about hemp.


  1. What are leotards currently made out of?

Leotards are made out of polyester.

  1. Why is that bad for the environment?

Polyester uses harmful chemicals, including carcinogens that can cause significant environmental damage.

  1. Why would hemp be better for the environment?

Hemp products can be recycled, reused and are 100% biodegradable. 

  1. What percentage of leotards currently sold are made out of polyester?

The key reason hemp clothing is more expensive than polyester right now is because there is limited supply of hemp. Hemp farming is still federally banned in the US. … This is all because all the hemp clothing you’ll find in the US are imported products.

That is all my research! Hope you learned a bit more about hemp.